Mysterious and romantic modern mythology creates avant-garde and conflicting new age aesthetics.
The word “VOSHAS” comes from two words, “Vogue” and “Ushas”. Ushas, Sanskrit for "dawn", is the goddess of fashion and beauty. Combining simple and elegant typography with the signature Mediterranean blue and mythological figures of god and goddess, the logo of VOSHAS represents the artistic, class, romantic and mysterious characteristics of VOSHAS brand. With the artistic sense of design and outstanding craftsmanship of our creative team, we merge modern fashion elements together to deliver cutting-edge products, making us a unique, popular and much-loved brand among customers.
Elegant Style
With charm, fashion, uniqueness, nature, art and humanities in mind, VOSHAS proposes a timeless new aesthetics to the modern fashion industry. Beauty is free from limitations. Jewelry or accessories, simple or luxury, VOSHAS is not bound to one certain style. Instead we pay attention to every detail to deliver what touches us in order to present the uniqueness of our products and create elegant style with taste.
Passion And Perfection
VOSHAS is a team made up of passionate people who are always looking to achieve perfection. Bringing in our individual talents and expertise, we collaborate in an open and pleasant working atmosphere and encourage each other to express creativities and pursue our ideals. In addition to designing, developing and selling our own brand name products, we also retail products made by local indie artists as well as globally renowned brands.
You Are The Star
VOSHAS does not try to satisfy all customers with just one product or design. Instead we incorporate different materials, design techniques and inspirations from stories to create different series of work that reflects the center of our design—the customer. We give each piece life by combining different elements and essences, ensuring the wearers of our products stand out from the crowd and look and feel beautiful and confident. At VOSHAS, you are the star.