Customer Privacy Policy

VOSHAS CULTURAL & CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. (including affiliates and subsidiaries, collectively "VOSHAS") (“the website”) is a website operated by VOSHAS CULTURAL & CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.

We make every effort to protect and respect your privacy. Please read and understand how we will use and protect the personal information you submitted to us. The policy (Customer Privacy Policy) states how your personal information will be used and protected when you order through our website, catalogue or customer service phone line or by visiting our retail store. If you have any questions or comments before using our website, please email us at to get in touch with our customer service department.

What information do we collect and how?
Generally, even if you don’t provide any information, you can still use our website. However, if we obtain some information from you, we will be able to serve you better. We might collect your information via the following methods:
Membership Sign-up:
When you sign up for VOSHAS web membership, VOSHAS will ask you to provide personal information such as full name, national ID number, phone, email or address. Please fill in correct information to ensure we provide our best service.
Web Survey:
When you participate in VOSHAS web surveys, you may be asked to provide personal information such as full name, national ID number, phone, email or address. You might participate other sweepstakes, competition or promotional activities hosted by other websites or organizations by clicking the advertising links on VISHAS website. Please note that these organizations or linked websites have their own privacy protection policy which does not apply to VOSHAS Customer Privacy Policy and we will not be held responsible for any conducts on those websites.
Newsletter Subscription:
When you request to obtain informational service through email, please provide correct general information such as email account and gender to ensure the receipt of requested information. Due to administrative requirements, we will retain the information that you have entered, and will provide services allowing you to cancel your subscription or make amends.
General Browsing:
The VOSHAS website will keep logs as web users browse the website or perform a search. The related log information generated by the server will include the user’s online IP address, time logged-in, browser used, browsing and clicking information log, etc. The information provided by the browser on individual web users is used by the VOSHAS website to acquire information from the web pages surfed on this website. Unless you wish to provide us with your personal information, the VOSHAS website will not, and cannot, match your personal information with the logged information.
When you purchase our products, we will retain records of the invoice, transaction and credit card information.
Product Experience
We might collect your personal and professional interests and how they relate to the product experience so that we can provide you with more information on products and services.
Other :
Besides voluntarily providing personal information while logged onto this website, you might also occasionally provide personal information, such as e-mail, full name, etc., in other areas such as a discussion forum on VOSHAS website. This kind of information submission is not covered by the privacy protection policy of the VOSHAS website. In addition, if you correspond with us, or respond to us through other channels of communication, the VOSHAS website will also store and record this communication.


Use of gathered information?
VOSHAS website will not sell, lease or arbitrarily exchange any of your personal information to other organizations or individuals. We will only provide your personal information to provide better services, including:
Order fulfillment:
n order to fulfill orders, marketing promises, product delivery or other services you request, sharing your information with third-parties might be necessary.
Online activities and web survey:
Names and national ID numbers gathered from interviewees by VOSHAS website are only used for sweepstakes purposes. Information such as phone numbers, emails and addresses are only used for contacting interviewees about the result of the sweepstake and for analytical purpose. Other information is only used for analysis or academic purposes and unless otherwise permitted by the interviewee, all information is used for data analysis and not used for other purposes.
Statistics and analysis:
Based on the results of survey, marketing activities or server logs, VOSHAS website records user traffic, their interests and browsing behaviors for the purpose of internal records and references. In order to improve our products and services, we might contact you for the purpose of market research (if you do not object to such usage). Please note that you can, at any time, refuse your personal information be used for market research purpose. Please contact our customer service department whenever necessary.
Post-sales service:
After you order or purchase products from our company, we will be able to contact you through email, phone calls or regular mail regarding sale and transaction related purposes. If you have purchased a product or requested a catalogue from us, you will be placed on the our mailing list and will receive periodic mailings by post from us (if you do not wish to receive our catalogue and/or periodic mailings by post, please contact our customer services department by email at to let us know and you will be removed from our mailing list). We will contact you by ways according to your preferences, in order to share information with you about our products, services and events that may be of interest to you.
Direct marketing and promotion:
We would like to provide you with information about new products, promotions, special offers and other information, which we think you may find interesting. Where you have consented to us doing so, we may send you such information by postal mail and telephone, unless you have registered with the appropriate Preference Service. If you purchase a product from us, we may keep your address on our record for future mailings. If you do not want your information used for direct marketing purposes at any time, please contact our customer services department by email at to let us know and you will be removed from our direct marketing mailing list.
If you do not wish your personal information to be gathered or recorded, please contact our customer service department by email and request for deletion or removal of such information.
Also, when you provide your personal information, we will ask if you are willing to receive emails from VOSHAS.
If at any time you no longer wish to receive our sale related emails, please let us know by clicking the Cancel Subscription link in the email. You can also contact our customer service department anytime by the following methods:


Data security protection
We will make every effort and use legal technologies and procedures to prevent membership information from being stolen, changed, damaged, deleted or leaked out, to ensure the security of data transmission.


We may link to other websites which are not within our control. We are not responsible for these websites in any way. Once you have left our website, we cannot be responsible for the safety and privacy of any information which you provide. You should exercise caution and read the privacy statement applicable to the website in question.


In order to provide personalized service, sometimes we use Cookies to store and track user information. Cookies are files that sent by website to your browsers and stored on your hard drive. You can go to “Preference”>”Advance” on Netscape, or “Internet Options”>”Safety” on Internet Explorer to change the level of browser Cookie acceptance, including accepting all Cookies, receiving notification when receiving Cookies, or reject all Cookies. If you choose to reject all Cookies, you may not be able to participate in some activities. In general, we will write into and read Cookies from users’ browsers depending on the following purpose and conditions:
To record traffic and analyze browsing activities:
In order to understand how pages are viewed and to use it as a reference to improve our services, we will record the information you choose to view on the web pages.
To track ad click-through or marketing activities :
When we sent out newsletters or marketing information, sometimes we will write Cookies to keep track the level of participation and related numbers during the whole event.


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